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Oriental Heritage has a unique high-end collection of handmade rugs, kelims, antique tribal carpets and crewel that present the artist’s vision in a rich variety of texture and theme. Known for his skill in integrating diverse elements of design, Oriental Heritage products defined his fine sense of color and style.

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[imagebox image_size=”500×500″ target=”_parent” title=”Pashmina by Oriental Heritage” image=”571″ link=”https://www.orientalheritageagra.com/pashmina/”]Browse through our Finest and Largest online Store for Pashmina Shawls for a perfect online shopping expereience, Handmade Kalamkari Shawls, Kani Shawls, Sozni Embroidered Shawls, Jamawars, Plain Shawls, Mufflers, Scarfs and Stoles for every age groups.[/imagebox]

[imagebox image_size=”500×500″ target=”_parent” title=”Pashmina Shawls” image=”572″ link=”https://www.orientalheritageagra.com/services/decoration-furniture/”]With over 1800 + Rugs and Carpets ,Regular Silk, Silk on Silk and Woolen hand knotted kashmir Carpets, Traditional and Contemporary Designs available in different sizes. Specialist in Carpets Bearing highest knots per square inch count in the world, regular silk and woolen Rugs.[/imagebox]

[imagebox image_size=”500×500″ target=”_parent” title=”Kashmiri Carpets” image=”578″ link=”https://www.orientalheritageagra.com/shop”]There are different types of knots and in Kashmir the Farsi baff and the Persian system known as Sehna, or Sinneh, knot is originally used. Knots, a wood or Metal comb to push knots and weft tightly together and pair of short scissors to cut the pile of the carpet to an even form once it is finished.[/imagebox]

Who is behind the best architecture services in town & FAQ

The company was established in 1980 to supply handmade furnishings in both silk and wool for designers and decorators. All our products are hand-made in Kashmir, unless otherwise stated.

They’re woven from the finest silk and cotton fabrics, and are priced with the creation time, quality and design in mind.

No animals are killed in the making of these products

handmade rugs, kelims, antique tribal carpets and crewel furnishings that present the artist’s vision in a rich variety of texture and theme.

Integrating diverse elements of design, Tariq Kathwari’s products defined his fine sense of color and style.

Why choose us?

Our designs win awards, we are published in the world known magazines and websites.
We are invited to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

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[iconbox tag=”h5″ icon=”icons icon-chart” title=”Superior Quality”]Superiour Quality a blend of cashmere and silk[/iconbox]
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[elements_carousel items=”2″ autoplay=”no” controls=”navigation,rewind-navigation” scroll_page=”no” autoplay_speed=”5000″ slide_speed=”200″ pagination_speed=”200″ rewind_speed=”200″ tablet_items=”2″ mobile_items=”1″][testimonial name=”Henry Cavill” image=”291″ subtitle=”CEO ” company=”Soha Corp”]Oriental Heritage and his crew are true craftsmen that produced high-quality work and were easy to work with too. The end result is magnificent and we get comments all of the time, from friends and strangers alike, how beautiful our home is.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Dos Santos” image=”292″ subtitle=”CEO ” company=”PS Decor”]We had a vision, a budget and a very short timeline. Oriental Heritage and his crew came in and said yes to all three. It’s rare you are able to have an awesome space you love built for you, without hidden costs, and delivered the exact day promised.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”David Phan” image=”293″ subtitle=”Founder” company=”Uma”]We were taken few Agra in India by our tour guide, but quality of fabric was not good and it was like to shop in pressure. We finally searched few shops from internet and Oriental Heritage was the best ever. We bought the real pashminas and cashmere .the shop was very good plus the honour who became a good friend explains about fake and real pashmina and cashmere. The place is amazing and we bought lot of shawls .try it if you are in Agra and looking for trust worthy store.my favourite was black grey men pashmina.its better to tell the honour about the visit through tripadvisor ,got off 10 percent.[/testimonial][/elements_carousel]

We look to our differences to bring a richness of perspective.

Oriental Heritage is one of the leading manufacturers of handmade wool ,cashmere & pashmina. We specialize in Shawls, Stoles and a variety of Fabrics. Oriental Heritage is known for the beauty and quality of their cashmere products. We have spent forty years in the business and take pride in the processing and manufacturing of our Kashmir products. We strive to compete with the ever-changing international trends and tastes of our clients.

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